Snow Globe on Game Jolt

Snow Globe is another game we made for a game jam, #StencylJam17 . We got started on this one a little quicker than "I'm Going In..."and completed it in 7 days! We spent the first two days on a different concept that didn't quiet work out, and the day after that on the Snow Globe concept.

This version was more polished than our previous game at the deadline, so we're pretty proud about that! We wish we could have had "story mode" ready, but it was too buggy at the time. Story mode will be added in the update once judging has been announced.


I'm Going In...

Im Going InOur #StencylGameJam entry is called, "I'm Going In..."
The game is about an adventurous boy who decides to go in to a spooky old mansion around Halloween.

Randall and Andy made this game in only four days - That includes coming up with the game concept from scratch and creating all of the graphics for actors, tilesets and of course programming using Stencyl.

Andy really came through with creating the main character, ghost, animations, sound processing, title screen and all Game Jolt graphics and more. Randall couldn't have done it without him.

This was our first game jam and we are already looking forward to the next one!